2. New Orleans 

  3. Spoon and Tatto 

  4. Photos of “miracle water” for Mashable.com 


  5. A deep breath. 

    (center photo a collaboration with  Pete kiehart)

  6. dreamscape #1

  7. potty training

  8. From the archive 

  9. Stealing Light 

  11. hair diptych 

  12. From riding through Nairobi’s inner city on the back of garbage trucks to interviewing Kenyan government officials, check out the new collaboration between Christina Gossmann and myself about E-waste in Kenya.

    See her beautifully written story here:

    And my photo essay here: 


  14. I created this short film a few months back while in Kenya about a painter in one of Nairobi’s slums called Kibera. The artist hand paints many of the signs for small businesses in Kibera. If you have 2 minutes to spare check out his beautiful work.

  15. Public Transit in Kenya 

    More for Kenya over at www.SamWolson.com 

    check out the tabs Mini bus and Marthare